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Melvita Nectar De Roses
It’s that time of year again – there’s your office secret santa, Auntie Helen, your sister who has everythingand lets not start on the mother in law! So many dutiful presents to be bought and so little time. That’s why its always a gem, when you find such a rarity as the Affordable Multi-tasker!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Melvita Rose Nectar Sets.

Rose Nectar Luxury Gift Set

Melvita has always been known for its organic products, but this year there are two beautifully designed gifts sets that appeal to anyone who not only wants to be pampered and preened to perfection, but fancies some practicality too.

Depending on your price range and how well-behaved your lucky recipient has been, you can choose from The Rose Nectar Gift Set at a very reasonable £13 (containing Rose Water Floral Spray, Rose Fresh Body Milk, Rose Beauty Cream for Hand and Nails) or its more luxurious sister, Rose Nectar Luxury Gift Set, £34 (containing moisturising Rose Nectar, Rose Shower Cream, Rose Beauty Cream for Hands & Nails). Both focus on delivering maximum hydration even to the most sensitive of skin in the deepest, darkest of winter.

Our faves? The shower gel is irresistible with a delicate floral scent, whilst the Rose Nectar gives a lovely, light dewy finish.

Just try and give them away.