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If you take a wee gander inside this weeks Grazia magazine you will find a pretty super cool, health and fitness beauty shoot by acclaimed photographer, David Oldham. 

And because Speaking Beauty was lucky enough to be on shoot (mainly ogling the models legs, arms, tummy, left ankle etc), we can bring you exclusive behind the scenes photos to show you just how everything came together.

Grazia health and beauty shoot

The Australian model, Cassie with make up artist and her assistant in one of the first shots taken.

Cassie being tended to by the makeup artists. Wondering about the towel…?

…In order to get that fresh streamline look, Cassie had to have water poured over her

Cassie wearing a borrowed (from private owner aka someone’s mum) vintage Chanel costume with David Oldham

The photographers assistant sees the photo’s as they are being taken on his laptop and adjusts light and other details accordingly. These are then replayed onto a standing screen which the photographer refers to as he snaps away. Cool huh?

And finally a gratuitous dog shot (David Olham’s pooch fyi), purely because he’s cute as hell and checking himself out in the mirror .