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Lady Gaga Perfume

She’s a teaser that Gaga.

For 2 years we have been drip fed titillating tibits about her first fragrance, Fame.  First it was to involve blood and semen (err ewww), then it was revealed that it would instead smell ‘like an expensive hooker’ (blimey) and of course, lets not forget the promotional pics of the lady herself – naked except for miniature men covering her modesty (beyond baffling).

And clearly the hype worked, as we were beyond excited to be able to unravel the mystery and show you a sneak preview…

Lady Gaga perfume with packaging

So what is all the fuss about? The first thing you’ll notice is that its black. Yes, black.  Thanks to innovative technology, Fame is the first ever Eau De Parfum that sprays black and then becomes invisible once airborne. Nifty huh? The egg shaped (and we think very stylish) bottle itself is also inspired by Gaga’s infamous performance at the Grammys where she emerged from an egg. So far, so good.

And the smell?…Less promising. Fame has a unique structure called push- pull technology. Instead of top, middle and basenotes that most fragrances have,  ‘ingredients interact together and notes come out randomly’. Unfortunately for Gaga, there is a reason why perfumers stick to the tried and trusted. Fame’s questionable concoction emerges first sickly sweet and then settles into a strong spicy scent. The result is completely unique, wildly overpowering and definitely not for everyone. Hmmmm, remind you of anyone?

Fame is available to buy from 22nd August for £25