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Introducing the miracle workers, the ultimate wonder products that leave their competitors scattered in the dust, the products that actually do what the press release says and thus are worth their weight in gold…Speaking Beauty’s cult must-have buys.

Leading the path to enlightenment is the highly respected and much admired Eve Lom Cleanser, currently celebrating its 25th year.

Regarded as the queen of cleansing and once described by Vogue as the “best cleanser in the world” this luxurious blend of natural ingredients melts away make up, with a kind of soothing and hydrating gentleness that is only normally likened to a spa treatment.

Part of its genius is the basic fact that it is one of the few hot cloth cleansers. Within the packaging you will find a fine muslin cloth, which is to be heated under a hot tap before using to massage on the thick, luxurious cleanser in circular motions. This ensures pores are opened and a thoroughly deep cleanse is achieved. A simple addition, but a greatly effective one – characteristics Eve Lom is much admired for.

The cleanser itself is kind to even the most sensitive eyes and I am yet to hear of a single wee soul who skin it does not suit, everyone is left with an irresistible post – cleansing glow and soft rejuvenated skin.

Yes it is pricy, but Eve Lom sure do know how to work the essentials.

The Eve Lom Cleanser is £55.00 for100ml and is available at http://www.evelom.com