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With recent reports showing that the average women is using over 250 chemicals on her skin every day, should we be looking for more natural alternatives?

You might sway away from organic products; by nature of what they exclude it’s harder for them to produce results and they are naturally more expensive. Some might question whether the benefits, especially when we are talking about bath and home products, outweigh the strain on the purse strings.

Neom Organics is a company that has been highly praised for proving that organics can work fantastically (their popularity proven by the fact that one Neom candle is sold in the UK every ten minutes). I recently met with founder Nicola, to find out what was so special about their their two new launches- The Happiness Home Candle and Inspiration Reed Diffuser.

It seems what sets Neom apart from their competitors is that they have taken naturals to the next level. The 3 wick, Happiness Home Candle is made with only a blend of vegetable wax and pure essentials oils. Nicola explained that in order to produce the startlingly fresh, grassy fragrance they had to distil peppermint oil until it creates exactly the same scent as grass (the natural extract of grass on its own does not smell very grassy at all). This is then combined with ”Mimosa which is great for relieving tension, Neroli for its healing and balancing properties, and then Lemon to give it that little extra perkiness”. This produces a scent which feels so familiar, yet like nothing I have ever smelt before.

The candle, roughly twice the size of a Diptyque one, burns for up to a staggering 55 hours. Even better, the fact that it doesn’t bind itself to the container means that you’ll always be able to reach the wick and thus every last bit of wax will be used up.

Happiness Home Candle £37.50

I am not normally a big fan of these diffusers, partly for aesthetic reasons. However, I have to say this one manages to be surprisingly stylish. The reed sticks sit within the beautiful glass bottle so the scent can be diffused within the air. The light, pretty fragrance of Violet, Chamomile and Cedarwood also acts as an aroma therapeutic treatment. Unlike some heavy scents which can cause headaches, this soothes yours. Place in a bathroom, hallway, guest room and let it work its magic.

Inspiration Organic Reed Diffuser £32.00 100ml

In all accounts, organic convert or not, this range is an aromatic joy. Whether an indulgence for you or a generous Mothers Day gift, it is definitely worth a try.

Available now from NeomOrganics.com and selected stockists