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It may feel like its snow time and the weather man may be saying its snow time, but it’s not until you hit that crisp mountain air that it really is time to get the skis out and start schloop schlooooping your way to snowmania.

Enough of that. As you may have guessed, I am going skiing soon. Now, if you have the exciting prospect of an impending ski trip (I’ll refrain from a smug smile), or you are simply part of England’s preparations for shut down at the mere drop of snow, you will understand the importance of a skin saviour such as Eve Lom.

TLC Cream £50.00

It is not simply the icy cold. Sunburn, windburn, snowburn or other such mountain perils can ravage your skin when you are least prepared. Thankfully, Eve Lom TLC Cream does exactly what its name suggests, providing the essential extra nourishment needed. It reduces redness and skin sensitivity whilst hydrating, soothing and moisturising your skin against the elements. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you apply; it feels thicker, more intensive and less flimsy than other moisturisers. Immediately, skin takes on a dewy effect, almost like you are wearing a primer. The delicate Rose Otto scent completes the rejuvenation.

Kiss Mix £14.00

Eve Lom Kiss Mix is the equivalent first aid for your lips. Super rich and thoroughly moisturising, it instantly revives and softens your pout, whilst protecting from UV rays. But Kiss Mix it doesn’t just provide a hydration fix, the helpful ingredients of Chinese Menthol and Zinc Oxide leave a unique cooling sensation and an irresistible sheen –  a nice touch when a full face of slap isn’t quite au fait on the slopes. Perfectly portable too-just slip into your salopettes and you’re off!