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I was recently lucky enough to be sent some samples by multi-award winning hairdresser, Guy Kremer. The range was developed with an aim to addressing the ‘hair concerns’ Kremer sees every day. Key to this efficacy is a cleansing and rebalancing system specifically formulated with essential nutrients.

Both the cleansers (shampoos) and rebalancers (conditioners) contain 18-MEA (a natural lipid found in the hair cuticle) which helps to balance the hair’s natural chemistry and restore it to an optimum condition in preparation for styling. Optimum condition restored, hair happily takes on and maintains the shape, volume and added shine of the desired look. Sounds good to me. However, many people are still dubious of salon ranges- they tend to be less well known than the brand favourites and are often overpriced. So trialling the Add the Bounce Cleanser and Add the Bounce Rebalancer, I set out to find out whether this line lived up to its hype.

Despite the age old annoyance of the products looking identical (wildly frustrating when finding yourself doing the squint, guess and reach routine in the shower), both the shampoo and conditioner fulfilled every promise. They lathered beautifully, with only a small amount needed and after just one wash, my hair was left looking clean, nourished, and significantly revived. It was noticeably more voluminous and took to styling and holding so well that it provoked one or two enquiring questions. As an added bonus, I also found it illuminated my colour. My only criticism would be that it could have left my hair slightly more hydrated.

Needless to say, I am surprised the Guy Kremer Profesional line has remained an industry secret thus far. With products such as these, at the very affordable price of £6.95, it looks like it won’t stay one for long.